"India is a litmus test for many travelers - some are only too happy to leave, while others stay for a lifetime." - Lonely Planet
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Incredible India
The entity 'India' is an eclectic diaspora of opposites. She is shrouded in antiquity and streaked with modernism, arid deserts and the most fertile spread only 300 km away; South-Asian Mongoloids and distinctively Indo-European Aryan denizens; Asia's largest slums and sky scrapping multiplexes and software hubs; elephants adorned in multicolored clothes for festivals and men painted as beasts doing the war-dance; world's highest peaks that trail right up to the sky and the deepest gorges that perhaps chafe the earth's very core - intriguing, isn't it?

Adventurers and plunderers have come globe trotting to this mystic nation and carried back some 'India' each with them. The land continues to mystify and a sneak-peek at the travelers bee-line proves just that. From about 2.45 million foreign tourists in 2002-03, the figure has shot up to about 3.54 million in 2005. And the most sought destinations are Rajasthan for its forts and rustic festivities, Western flavored Goan beaches, backwater cruises and Ayurvedic Spas at Kerala. The Golden Triangle Tour (Delhi - Agra - Jaipur) is the high traffic zone.

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Fact File
Capital City: New Delhi
Government: Federal republic
Political adherence: Largest democracy in the world
Area: 3,287,590 sq km
Population: 1.1 billion (2006) - 2nd most populous after China
Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 5:30
Main Official languages: English, Hindi
Currency: Rupee (Rs.1); (1 Dollar = 46.19 INR, 1 Pound = 86.051 INR, 1 Yuan = 5.80 INR, 1 Franc = 37.09 INR, 1 Euro = 58.65 INR)
Electricity: 240V 50 Hz
Religion: 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 2.4% Christian, 2% Sikh, 0.7% Buddhist, 0.5% Jains, 0.4% other
Calling Code: +91
International access code: 00
Independence from colonial (British) rule: 1947

When to Go
Indian climate varies from tropical monsoon in south to temperate in north. Because the geography of this huge country is so diverse, different regions have vastly different weather, even at the same time of year. The Himalayan foothills have intensely cold winter nights (November-January) and the mountain roads are only accessible during the summer months (June-September), generally the best time to visit the hills. As for the rest of India, winters (September-January) are probably the best time to visit. Avoid the monsoons (June-September).

A sneak-peek at the Tourism scenerio
The Tourism industry found the age old belief in "Atithi Devo Bhavah", meaning "Guest is God", the most befitting motto for their inbound tourism campaign. Lo and behold, the outlay on tourism development rose to Rs7,860 million in 2005/2006, from Rs3,500 million in 2003/2004. The UK and the US lead tourist arrivals into the country.

A report reads:-
"India's travel and tourism market was valued at US$42 billion in 2005. It emerged as the fifth most preferred destination in a survey conducted across 134 countries. A 5,000 year history, culture, religion and alternative medicine fascinate both budget and luxury travellers alike."

The hospitality industry also has a major role to play in the tourism boom. World-class facilities, Spa and Heritage resorts, traditional hospitality, entertaiment add-ons like folk performances and so on have made lodging in India an 'attraction' in its own right. Besides, e-ticketing and e-travel in India, budget airlines, Tourist agents who act end-to-end travel guides (like us), Tour packages (like the one's we have) - have gone a long way in making India an A-class travel destination.

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Surf Best of India (the name says it all) for a sweeping look at some of the attractions tourists have rated 5/5 in one of our periodic surveys. Our City Guides lists the cities and the most visited tourist circuits are clubbed up as Tourist Favorite Joints. This means you can have a quick dekko at the various attractions India showcases before you jump to the cities or the circuits and map your tour accordingly. Once decided you can head straight to our Best Deals (Tour Packages) that has a straight, and needless to say, BEST solution for your selection.

Incase, you already have something on your mind, our very obvious theme section What's on Your Mind, can be a smart guide that talks in length about various travel ideas like Wildlife tours, Pilgrimage, Honeymoon, Beach vacation and so on.

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