Temples and Forts, mansions and monuments, desert and hill station, wildlife and turbaned men together awestruck every traveler! Come share the wonderment at Rajasthan...
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Rajasthan Culture

The Rajputana cultural diaspora is diverse but something typical and unique binds them together so that it never takes another Indian too long to single them out. Maand, the desert ballads sung in deep bass voice evoke pathos, while the twirling skirts of Ghoomar dancers, the balancing of brass pots (Chari dancers), performing on a bed of flaming coals, dancing on sword edges (Bhavai dance), Sapera dance of Kalbeliya snake-charmers’ community sets the adrenaline rushing with some exotic excitement. Sights and sounds, endemic to this desertland make up this cultural kaleidoscope. Take a look..

India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Little girls do what they see
Folk Dance
A little girl sways to the strain of Ektara (a single-chord violinlike instrument). Singing and dancing are ritualistic in Rajasthan and predominates all festivities.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Shy, tanned and enigmatic
Rustic Belle
Used to tourist cameras, she would readily flash that beatific smile. Some scrutinize her dress & jewelry, while others ponder what is it that her eyes belie.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Winners of Mr. Desert Contest at Jaisalmer
Traditional Headgear
Turban or Pagri stands for Rajput pride. There are about 1000 different ways of tying it, each denoting the class, caste and region of the wearer.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Notice the intricate artwork
Traditional Tattoo
The green herbal paste, mehendi, is applied on hands & feet as a temporary tattoo during festivals. The fragrance and the natural reddish tinge is incomparable!
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Usage of rich colors is a trademark
Artistic Walls
Display of Rajputana artistry at the very doorstep! The walls of haveli’s (mansions) at Shekhawati are decorated with intricate, fine paintings.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Where nature showers less
Water Carriers
Veiled women carrying water in brass containers from an oasis. It rains sparsely in the Thar. Hence, cuisines are snack-like, using less water & preserved for long.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
The warrior goes to claim his bride
Rajput Bridegroom
The Rajput Groom on his way to the bride’s place. Turbaned and sworded, mounting a decorated mare, he is accompanied by a frenzied crowd dancing & singing.
India Tourist Spots
India Tourist Spots
Who says camels look ugly
Camel-ed Beauty
Camels are indespensable to desert-life. During festivals, they are pampered with rich decorations before they do the parades and races.
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